History of Bemoving

ATLAS MOVERS was born from THREE decades of experience of its founders Tahir in international packing and relocations industry and Javaid from Diamond Real Estates which was established in the year 2005 when the two very old friends from their teenage joined hands and felt that a dedicated, professional international packing and relocation should be established in UAE who should be capable to render a personalized, professional service to clients moving in/out of UAE. Through our network of associates ATLAS MOVERS cover almost all destinations on the globe. Due to expertise, network and ATLAS MOVERS group company DIAMOND CITY REAL ESTATE have, ATLAS MOVERS have a number of definite advantages in the relocation arena.

Our Vision

To be known as best international packing and relocations specialist when measured in terms of service excellence and reliability.

Our mission

To provide its clients with personal and professional international moving services in secured & reliable manners enabling clients to concentrate on other things to do prior to traveling without worrying about the logistics behind their move.

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