Pre-move Survey

Atlas Movers appreciate that every single move is different, and hence to provide a service that is personal to you every detail, we will conduct a Pre-move Survey. Our Move Consultant will visit you, talk through your move with you, where you are going and what type of moving service best suits your needs, this will also give you an opportunity to ask questions and / or disclose anything important that you think we should be aware of.

There are numerous regulations and documentation to consider, depending on your destination, especially when moving overseas, so it’s important you fully disclose anything important that you think Atlas Movers should be aware of. Your Move Consultant will be happy to talk through all technical details with you, such as transit times for your destination, importation requirements and appropriate documentation that will need to be submitted during the course of your move to the various customs bodies in the relevant countries.

A no-obligation and cost free quotation will then be sent to you giving you an estimated cost for your move and advice on all the aspects involved, including packing and wrapping options for your most precious or delicate items.


Atlas Movers will create a detailed tailor-made move plan, outlining exactly what you need moving and whether the packing team need any special equipment or materials to move large or unusual items. We will take time to have a full understanding of which of your goods needs packing and whether there are any particular items that require specialist packing or attention. All small items are wrapped in paper then carefully placed in strong cartons. All furniture and larger items are wrapped in multi-layer packing materials. Card can be used for extra protection. Electrical goods, high value or unusual items can be further protected by specially made customised casing to provide that little bit of additional cushioning that is sometimes necessary.

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